Trapping Radio Podcast 507, Clint Interview with Carol Black from Blackie’s Blend Lures.


Throwback this week to Clint’s interview with Carol Black from Blackie’s Blend Lures.

In this week on Trapping Across America we are interviewing the one and only Carrol Black from Blackie’s Blend Lures. I’m proud to call Carol my friend and am thrilled to having on the show tonight. The brain child of having Trapping Radio came from some of the conversations I have had with Blackie over the years. I thought it was a shame that others could not join in on all the fun, laughing and lessons from the trap line. Tonight we are going to start with coyote and fox trapping on dry land. Then we will hit the river on Blackie’s raccoon line. He treated his raccoon line and canoe like he was on a military operation. Then we will get into what it takes to build a bullet proof canoe and trappers truck. If you do not find yourself learning and smiling during this show, you need to check your pulse! -Clint

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