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Trapping radio 439 and Man Strong 85, life, trapping, weight, marriage is like a credit card

We have a combo show tonight, this is a thinking show, we cover trapping, money, muscle, over weight, business, kids and marriage. We are getting deeper in debt with these things or we are filling our bank account. This idea […]

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Trapping Radio Podcast 438, taking kids trapping, trapping feathers and best way to mark your sets

My take on taking kids trapping, plan ahead to make the experience so great that they can’t wait to go again. Some ways to use feathers to catch more bobcats, coyotes and fox. The three ways I use turkey feathers. […]

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Trapping radio podcast 437, how to hunt turkey, call turkey and find turkey with Chip Davis.

On Trapping radio, we are not talking much trapping but turkey, Trappers and for the most part hunters and woodsmen and turkey hunt. So I thought it would be a great talk with Chip Davis from Expand-A-Pan. He is a […]

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Trapping Radio Podcast 436, Setting trapping goals, beaver dam break set for catching beaver and coyote trapping in catch circle

Tonight on Trapping radio we cover the real way to set real trapping goals, then we look at the best ways to catch a coyote in a catch circle. Then we look at two very good beaver dam break set […]

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