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Trapping Radio Podcast 478, what is important to new trappers may be a myth

Tonight on Trapping Radio Clint Locklear looks back to when he was a young trapper. What Clint thought was important, may not be all that important. Sign up for the Trapping Radio Fur Brigade and start saving money today! […]

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Trapping Radio 477, catching coyotes with inverted dirt hole sets and elevation.

Are you making your dirt hole sets the best way for coyotes? is their a better way? Sometimes a little change up is what you need to catch more coyotes in traps. Sign up for the Trapping Radio Fur […]

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Man Strong Podcast 102, why men are not getting married. Building muscle as you age

Men used to want to find a great girl, settle down, get married, have kids and grow old together. But young men today do not think this is a smart move. They see marriage as a resource trap and a […]

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