Trapping Radio – 88 – Beaver trapping in urban areas and catching Red Fox with Sam Pole


apoleThis week on Trapping Across America we have Sam Pole from Virginia. Sam is a great guy to talk too. He has been around the block a few times. He traps in the urban areas around his home in VA. He was trained and was friends with the trapping legend Charlie Dobbins. He fur traps and runs a neat ADC business with the most of his work being beaver. Sam uses the Hancock live beaver trap in a way I have never heard of before. Very interesting indeed. Kick back, grab a cold one or a steaming mug of coffee and enjoy!



I also talk about the future of Wolfer Nation. We are going the keep the Wolfer Nation as you know it. What we are going to do is start Wolfer Nation 2.0. This site will be at, so nothing will change, but the 2.0 site will be more moble and tablet friendly. The old Wolfer Nation will stay the same and used kind of like an archive. Moving over 500 blog post and videos would be a nightmare. The reason I bring this up, is that while we build the new Wolfer Nation 2.0 site, we will not be adding new content to Wolfer Nation till we get the new one loaded with trapping blog post and videos.

I also go into the uses of using two traps on coyote sets and why. Please leave ego at the door on this one. Facts are facts and ego only gets in the way.

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