Trapping Radio Podcast 493, Jeff Dunlap and Sarah Gomez now own Predator Control Group


Yes, you read the title write, Jeff and Sarah now own Predator Control group except for my business course and man strong podcast.This means they are taking over Trapping Radio along with lures and baits.

Note from Clint Locklear to all the great customers, clients and trapping friends that have supported me in this industry. I want to think you from the bottom of my heart. Without you I would have never got to the point I have, you are the reason.

I can not explain to you how proud I have been of Predator Control Group and I could not be prouder that Jeff and Sarah are taking over 20 plus years of my life. They are the perfect fit to take PCG places that I could not or might not have. Besides Jeff and Sarah being good close true friends, they are the pinnacle of professionalism in our industry. I know how they make lure and bait, and it is top notch and they will continue this professionalism with PCG bait and lures. I could not say this with anyone else. So you will still get the kick ass lures and baits in the future as you did when I made them. I am working with and will into the future with Jeff and Sarah to keep PCG products at a sky high level.

Im sure some of you are wondering why I sold PCG, my adults life work. Its simple, I want some freedom in my life that I could not do with such a volume driven business. I want to get back to traveling and just decide to go catch fish on the great lakes with Chris for example without stressing that Im leaving a trapper or wholesaler hanging. Im at a stage of my life that I want roam around like I did when I was a small struggling business owner.

I want everyone of you to know the deep connection I have with trapping, it still is in my blood. I am choosing to be in the shadows again, doing my thing out of the public eye. Again I want to say thank you to each and everyone of you.

I know in the podcast, it may seem like I want to run away from bottling lures, and in a way I do. I did not, …no that’s not right, I could not go into how grateful I am for all of you that have supported my work. Guys, I would have lost it. I almost did, when I said the last time I would be selling my lure would be at this years FTA and NTA. Trapping and this business have been my life for decades and it has been a blessing. Thank you all. I hope to see everyone of you at the FTA and NTA this year. I can’t say that Im not a little sad to say that, but I am stoked to see where Jeff and Sarah take PCG in the future. They are now the Generals of PCG and they are the right Generals, they are leaders not followers. I trust them and so should you.

Love you all,

Clint Locklear

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